We began developing the livestock “Cabaña Curaco”, taking into account as a mainstay the unsatisfied need of producers at the region of La Pampa to buy a high genetic breeding male, born and raised in the countryside where the forage supply and the weather conditions are fairly favorable for its production.

As time goes by, a transformation as regards the ideology of our traditional breeder was achieved.

Through the offer of new technologies and directed management, our producers convinced themselves that the only way towards success is the incorporation of genetic.


Located in forest of Caldenes in the Southwest of La Pampa, 30km from the city of General Acha on the Provincial Route N°11, it has a surface of 7500 Has. Here, a cattle breeder project is carried out which involves the following links of the production chain.

  • Livestock (production and sale of breeding male)
  • Genetic Center (production and sale of semen and embryos)
  • Full cycle (stockbreeding, season for cattle, fat stock)

The management of our rodeos of production not only of purebred but also pedigree is carried out entirely in the countryside on natural pastures, which are strategically looked after in order not to harm the high quality species of forage.


For years, the Trappa family dreamt with starting with the rural activity.

After having gone over innumerable times the forest of Caldenes in La Pampa, they were totally convinced that it was the suitable region to develop their livestock business.

For this reason, in the year 2003 they acquired the Cattle Ranch Maraco Chico (Estancia Maraco Chico), which is located 30km southwest from General Acha.

This is how Cabaña Curacó and the Genetic Center Curacó are born; both ambitious projects are currently part of the livestock evolution in Argentina.